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Starts: Fri Feb 6 1:00 AM
Ends:   Fri Mar 6 5:00 AM
Location: Lunenburg DNR office, 312 Green Street, Lunenburg County.
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The course will cover woodlot income and tax topics such as: commercial versus non-commercial (if …

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Starts: Sat Mar 7 8:30 AM
Ends:   Sat Mar 7 3:30 AM
Location: Saulnierville NS
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2015 Western Woodland Conference - Saulnierville

Full day conferences; hear experts and woodland …

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Starts: Sat Mar 28 8:30 AM
Ends:   Sat Mar 28 3:30 AM
Location: Truro NS
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2015 Central Woodland Conference - Truro

Full day conference; hear experts and woodland owners …

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Starts: Sat Apr 18 8:30 AM
Ends:   Sat Apr 18 4:00 AM
Location: Port Hawkesbury, NS
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2015 Eastern Woodland Conference

Full day conferences; hear experts and woodland owners talk …

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Join the NFA Partnership

The Nova Forest Alliance is a partnership of individuals, organizations and industry, representing a broad range of forest sectors, all with a common interest in forest sustainability in the Maritime Region. This group, known as the Partnership Committee, has voting rights which give them final authority on all financial, contractual and other matters of the Nova Forest Alliance. A secondary group of Associate Members are invited to attend and participate in all meetings and functions of the Partnership Committee, but do not have voting rights.

Benefits of Partnership with the Nova Forest Alliance:

The Nova Forest Alliance prides itself in being a neutral place for the dissemination of information and support around forest sustainability. The NFA, along with its partners, wants to ensure healthy forests and healthy forest communities for the future. That means using good forest management practices today. Whether you own a woodlot or run a saw mill, work with an environmental organization or represent industry, or are an individual with interests in forest sustainability, you will find great information and support through the partnership of like-minded people at the NFA.

What to expect as a member of the Nova Forest Alliance:

  • At least two meetings per year, often including a special speaker around a current issue of interest to forest sector stakeholders
  • Invitations to attend and/or participate in Nova Forest Alliance sponsored events (workshops, forums, field tours)
  • Monthly newsletter “NFA Today”
  • Opportunities for idea and information exchange around sector-related topics
  • Opportunities to have input into the NFA’s relationship with the sector
  • Great networking opportunities with others in the forest community, from individual woodland owners, to environmental and community organizations, First Nation communities, and industry and government representatives

Becoming a Partner or Associate Member of the Nova Forest Alliance:

Any individual, association, corporation or government agency who share the vision, goals and objectives of the Nova Forest Alliance are eligible to become an Associate Member of the Partnership. If, after three months as such, the Associate Member agrees to fully commit to the work of the NFA, and to be governed by the NFA’s by-laws, they can petition the Partnership Committee to be added as a full Partner.

If you or your organization would like to be involved in the work of the NFA, please contact us at 639.2921, or send an email to

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