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Starts: Fri Feb 6 1:00 AM
Ends:   Fri Mar 6 5:00 AM
Location: Lunenburg DNR office, 312 Green Street, Lunenburg County.
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The course will cover woodlot income and tax topics such as: commercial versus non-commercial (if …

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Starts: Sat Mar 7 8:30 AM
Ends:   Sat Mar 7 3:30 AM
Location: Saulnierville NS
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2015 Western Woodland Conference - Saulnierville

Full day conferences; hear experts and woodland …

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Starts: Sat Mar 28 8:30 AM
Ends:   Sat Mar 28 3:30 AM
Location: Truro NS
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2015 Central Woodland Conference - Truro

Full day conference; hear experts and woodland owners …

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Starts: Sat Apr 18 8:30 AM
Ends:   Sat Apr 18 4:00 AM
Location: Port Hawkesbury, NS
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2015 Eastern Woodland Conference

Full day conferences; hear experts and woodland owners talk …

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Networking Across Borders

In 2003 the Nova Forest Alliance was invited to join an informal network composed of communications, extension and outreach representatives from forest sector organizations throughout the Maritime provinces and the northeastern United States. The group, called Networking Across Borders (NAB), is dedicated to the following objectives:

  • To facilitate the transfer of information to the other members to ensure all collaboration opportunities are identified and taken advantage of.
  • To identify needs of committee members and their organizations.
  • To facilitate the development of collaborative projects specific to the objectives of the Committee and its member organizations.

In forming this group, these organizations hope to create opportunities to collaborate and share resources dedicated to extension and woodland owner education/communication. The groups sharing in the NAB initiative share a need for similar communications resources, and because they are all government or not-for-profit organizations, all have a need to acquire these materials in a cost-effective way, both in terms of financial and personnel costs.

Current NAB Members include the Maritime College of Forest Technology, The Tree House, The NS Department of Natural Resources, the Northumberland County Forest Products Marketing Board, Fundy Model Forest, INFOR, PEI Department of Forestry, University of Maine - Holt Research Forest, University of Connecticut (Cooperative Extension), Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine, and PEI Forest Service.

The group is currently reviewing early meeting notes and the Terms of Reference to identify a large list of collaborative opportunities that will benefit from two to three members to all the organizations at the table for our mutual benefit.

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